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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Sabertooth, May 27, 2014.

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    Just got some bullet lube from Ls'stuff.
    Good price. They have several different types of lubes, from soft to hard lubes. Good people to talk to on the phone also.
    On another note. There building burned down last Sept and they lost everything. Including all there bullet molds. So if you have any bullet molds that you are no longer using give them a call.
    This is a family owned and run business.
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    They make great lubes, from all reports. Last I heard it was just a man and his wife and he was having fun rather than worrying about maximizing profits.
    As a user of LLA, I particularly like their Xlox.
    For me, I gave up sizing back around 1975, after much testing showing that as-cast were as accurate or more accurate than my sized bullets) and have only shot as-cast bullets since then. Lubing was, for a while with sizing dies about 0.001" over the average as-cast diameter. Then I started pan lubing, followed by tumble lubing.
    I would like to try 45/45/10, but currently I have given up casting in favor of buying commercial (can't find a cheap source of lead and, in most cases, the price of lead is such that I might as well buy commercial cast bullets, melt them down, and cast using that lead). Thus, I leave any cheap sources for the rest of you.
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