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12/07/2010 - These have all been sold. Thanks to all interested parties.

I have some bulk .223 for sale.

Prices (for the impatient):

  • 1. 1000 round bag w/ container: $250
  • 2. 1000 round bag w/ container: $250
  • 3. 250 round bag - $63
  • 4. 250 round bag - $63
  • 5. 250 round bag - $63
  • 6. 250 round bag - $63
  • 7. 161 round bag - $40

Details (for the interested)

I have two bags of 1000 rounds each. I won't break up these bags. Each of these bags comes with the container shown, one per bag. I bought these bags from a supplier, but did not count them myself.

1000 round bag:

I also have 4 bags of 250 rounds. These don't come with any container.
These have been hand counted by me (see the album for the tedious evidence.)

250 round bags:

Also, there is one bag of 161 rounds:

Headstamps are "FC Rem 223" and "PMC 223". The two big bags are "F C 223" and the 250 ziplocs are mostly PMC 223, but there is some mixing in those bags.

FC headstamp:

PMC headstamp:

All rounds are brass.

A poster asked: "factory or reloaded"? These are factory, not reloads.
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