WTS OR Bulgarian SLR-95 $1100.00 w/ammo $900 wo/ammo

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    I} The rifle

    2} Ace side folder stock. extended. If you need a pic of it folded, will shoot one. This one has the
    wire that flips up at the butt of the stock to fit over the shoulder, like an M-60. There is a cheek
    pad sourced from DSArms, over close cell foam padding. Gives an excellent cheek weld for
    using the scope...

    3] FAL pistol grip, sourced from the original "Ace" company. No longer available. Have proper
    AK pistol grips if the buyer does not like the FAL grip... but the FAL grip fits my fat mitt ever
    so much better than the skinny little AK grip. Hogue finger groove grip sleeve sourced from

    4} Muzzle brake, pinned in place, sourced from the original Ace company. SLR-95s came with
    non-threaded barrels, and cheesy thumb-hole plastic stocks. Do not believe that I still have
    the original stock, but if a non-folding plastic stock is wanted, the tangs for the original fixed
    stock have NOT been removed.

    5} Old pic taken during rework of trigger group, showing welding and grinding to the trigger.
    Welded area at front of trigger eliminates over-travel. Welded area on the leg at the back of
    the trigger leg locks the trigger when the safety is engaged. Trigger pull is so short the the rifle
    would fire with the safety engaged until that raised area was added. NO trigger movement now
    with the safety engaged. Can supply a stock trigger group if the buyer does not want the radically
    massaged trigger.

    6} The hammer, showing that the "wings" have been shortened to reduce the travel necessary to release.
    The hooks on the trigger and the wings on the hammer - the engagement area of both - have been
    polished to a mirror finish to eliminate "stiction"...

    7} Disconnector, showing the modification to the "foot".

    8} Ace soft rifle case, w/ four magazine pouches. Different "Ace" company than the supplier for the
    rifle parts. This case is 30 inches long, holds the rifle with the stock folded.

    9} Four ribbed steel magazines. I simply grabbed four from one of my boxes - these appear to be virtually

    10} Engagement area on magazines, showing lack of wear.

    11} I was wrong about the ammo case - 960 rounds. Unopened. This is 135 grn HP. I may have a few cases
    of FMJ, if that is preferred. This is NOT crap Wolf ammo!

    12} Leapers 1.5-6x40mm scope, Warne Ultra Light rings, flip up scope caps.

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