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    Just an FYI. You do not need much to get a killer workout. The Bulgarian Bag is easily made and extremely effective.

    Total cost of about 25-40 bucks depending on what you fill it with.

    My son is a wrestler and he brought this idea home to me as it was originally developed by a Bulgarian wrestling coach.

    My workout consists of 25 meters in the pool, jump out do 25 reps of one of the exercises and then jump back into the pool for another 25 meters. I do this for 30-45 minutes a day or so.

    Give it a try, as a US Army LRSD member for 12 years I will tell you that it is a GREAT workout on anyone's scale. Super low impact or you can pick it up and really bring the heat.


    Here is a video on how to make one. Oh and don't forget that when SHTF, you need to continue to workout when possible. Everything will change and your personal fitness is probably going to play a HUGE part in how well you survive.
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