Built ford tough

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by IheartGUNS, Nov 21, 2013.

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    I want whatever he's smoking.

  2. Jamie6.5

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    That's an old mechanic's trick.
    But to be honest with you,... That guy is an idiot.
    He's a lucky idiot, but an idiot none-the-less.

    To be done properly, the engine must be fully warmed up.
    Then no more than 1/2 to 1 oz of water should be introduced to the induction system/intake manifold.

    SeaFoam cleaner works better anyway.

    Oh, and it's REALLY hard on catalytic converters when you clog them with carbon and gawd-knows-what else.

    Carry on.
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  3. Mark W.

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    Way to much water. We used to use a hand held spray bottle with a mixture of water 80% with Methanol 20% Worked pretty well at cleaning valves and the top of the pistons.

    The best one I ever saw was a mech at a service station I worked at emptied the crankcase of oil on a 64 ford F100 pickup with the 6cyl engine. He then filled the crankcase with about 2) gallons of Stoddards Solvent and cranked it up. he removed the valve cover and while it ran he sprayed more solvent all over the valves and springs. He let it run that way for about 5 min. It completely filled the lube bay and about 1/2 a block of downtown Silverton with smoke. Once done he blew the top of the engine off with air and drained the pan. He then filled it with oil from our dripping barrel (when we put oil in something the empty can was always tipped up in a funnel to scavenge the last drop of oil from the empty can) he ran that oil in the engine about 20 min and drained it. MAN WAS IT CRUDDY when it came out. he then refilled the engine with 30wt. and the cleaning was done. He drove that pickup for at least 3 years after that I know about.

    The solvent cleaned everything in the oil system and even loosed up the rings truck ran real well after that. When he bought it it was so gummed up it would hardly run.
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    wow! IDIOT
  5. Sgt Nambu

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    It is indeed an old but well known trick. In 1973 I was a line mechanic at a ford dealership that would eventually become Colosseum Ford and some dirt poor guy with his wife and about 8 kids came in with an old, old Ford Falcon wagon. This beater was knocking at about a piston slapping tempo. The poor guy was ashen. He needed to drive his family back to Georgia on almost no cash! Now, this knock was just a tiny bit intermittent, so, I ran half a coke bottle of water through the carb, knocking the carbon chip out through the exhaust valve! The motor purred, I charged him $20.00, patted him on the shoulder and sent him on his way! Those folks thought I was capable of walking on water and I still feel excellent about helping the guy out!

    PS: I agree about the idiocy of running that much water through the intake!
  6. AngryRedTicTac

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    That was a near miss for one of the finest motors Dearborn (via Yamaha) ever built. Anybody who has owned or just got to drive one of the 1st gen SHO's knows exactly what magic was in that engine bay. And how much the rest of the car failed that glorious power plant. Still, heck of a fun car...

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