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hello all I just bought a remington 870 hd gun. 18.5" barrel with 2 shot extension. I am wanting to ad some custom things to it. I am looking for helpful suggestions that you all have done to yours. Like side saddles? are they good or cumbersome? I do like the surefire led 618lm. scope mounts with a sight? what do you all think? I am really wanting to know what butt stock you recommend.I am thinking about a knoxx model K04100-C. Please help with ideas and pics of your hd gun would be great. thank you all for the help. :confused:
The Knoxx model K04100-C is a nice piece, it does a very good job at reducing felt recoil without adding a lot of weight. As you add other items the weight starting adding up and you can end up with a very heavy shotgun.

I have removed my side saddles to get the weight down. In a HD situation the shells in the tube well be all you really need. Zombie hunting you need all you can carry.

I would do the stock, add fiber optic sights and a light.

I went simple. Surefire foreend and a scattergun tech. +2 extension. For a stock I went with a remington youth model stock to reduce the length of pull. The factory length stocks are fine for bird hunting but didn't snap up to my shoulder quick enough for closer quarters without snagging my clothing.
I'd like to get a tritium front sight but haven't yet, and considering the bright spot of the surefire pretty much mimics the point of impact and spread I don't think it's that necessary.
Considered a side saddle for a while but I don't want to add more weight and if 7 rounds of 00 buck don't solve the problem I'm falling back to an AR-15 and several mags.

ETA a pic


Send the barrel to Hans Vang and let him back-bore and port it. Besides reducing felt recoil by a good amount, it also tightens the pattern significantly.

As for side saddles, remember, we fight with the ammo that's on the gun. Chances are you would never need more than the rounds in the tube, but what do you do if you run out? A few rounds on a side saddle is good insurance. If six is too heavy (on an HD gun, does weight matter as much?), put on a four round side saddle...

Lights on the gun are always a good idea. Seeing what you are shooting at is a good thing...

Ghost ring sights are also a good investment. Regardless of popular opinion, shotguns do need to be aimed. Ghost rings are nice and quick...
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