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    *if you don't care for the story aspect and only want to help me with the build, just skip to the bottom asterisks ******

    Before you guys make fun of me for not knowing the correct terms or not searching other builds. I'll be the first to admit I don't know a lot about building a rifle. But I'm learning as I go (with my 5.56). So bare with me.

    So to explain a little how this rifle is going to be important to me, and not just some rifle I'm building, let me explain...

    I was talking to my dad (who I'm not as close to as my mother) that I wanted to build something to will last a long while and it will be something we can do and use together.

    So for the past few years my grandfather has progressively been getting sicker and sicker. I know he is getting old and he just recently had a pretty bad hear attack(after two previous attacks). We are honestly not sure how much more time he has let with us.

    Similar to my dad, I don't want to lose my grandpa and not have anything to remember him by. So my dad, grandpa and I talked and we decided to build (or better yet piece together) a rifle. This wont be completed any time soon but I want to get my grandpa involved so it will be our thing.

    ******So on to the rifle. We have decided to build a AR10, or 7.62/.308 AR (or whatever you call it).

    So what I'm looking for are some quality parts. What I should consider and what I shouldn't. What parts work and which ones don't. I know the selection of .308 parts aren't as available as the AR15 so that's why I ask you all.

    What the rifle will be used for:
    very occasional long range shooting
    Maybe hunting (probably not so much)
    Mainly something to remember my dad and grandpa

    I only know of a few different companies that sell parts but I'm not looking for a budget build. So we are open to all suggestions. We don't plan on buying a complete rifle.

    Basically what I'm asking is to help point me in the right direction. If you have questions to help direct me better then please ask.
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    I am a Armalite AR10 guy, but alot of guys swear by DPMS. The new Gen 2 Armalite Mags are wonderful, they stand by there products. You can have multiple uppers in 308, 260 Rem, 338 Federal. If you want more custom calibers/uppers check out Accuracy Systems in Colorado. They even make a 35 Remington and a 450 Bushmaster upper......... Just a great Product and if cost is not a big deal and you can find one, the Noveske N6 Upper fits as well.....

    AR stands for Armalite Rifle. I feel the asme way about the 5.56 M15 rifles as well, high quality. I sent you a PM.

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    You should look into Knight's Armament parts. Really high quality and built to last....that is assuming that the parts are not proprietary to their system only. From what I've read the SR25 URX rail will fit on DPMS uppers if you decide to go that route but don't quote me on that :). Its a sleek low profile rail with a built in flip up sight.
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    Dpms pattern lr308 isn't a bad way to go. You put it together almost exactly the same as an ar15 only the parts cost way more ;). They are heavy beasts by the time you add optics to it but lots of fun.
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    .308 AR style rifles and "cost effective build" are NOT synonymous... prepare to have your wallets considerably lightened.
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    Sounds like a great family project. I started mine without a plan, an AR-10 type rifle was on my someday list, recent events got me started. I wound up with:
    DPMS upper and lower
    lord of war nickle boron BCG
    Magpul PRS stock
    Spikes heavy buffer
    JP rifles 338 federal barrel, adjustable gas system and muzzle break
    JP rifles modular handguard
    Geissele SSA-E trigger
    extended take down pins with engraved flags.
    POF dust cover with flag and "God bless America" engraving,
    I'm still working on timing and blending the muzzle device, then final assembly so I haven't fired it yet. I expect it will shoot better than I can. I have been enjoying the process of building it.
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