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Purchased from Buffalo Bore Ammunition in the spring of 2017. Sold from manufacturer at $39.96 ($1.99/round)..

Asking price is $25. Willing to trade for 10mm or 9mm "target/training" ammunition.

Rounds have never been loaded into a magazine or pistol.

Thanks for taking a look! Photos can be found at the bottom of this ad.
Message from manufacturer:
(1,350fps/M.E. 627 ft. lbs.)

20 Round Box


We've designed these new TACTICAL 10MM loads specifically to give every advantage to the user in the event that your 10MM pistol is needed in protecting you or loved ones against a human threat. Those of you who choose to carry a 10MM pistol for social purposes would be best advised to carry our TACTICAL loads which are more than powerful enough to quell any human threat but will offer you more control and faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

Let's discuss proper tactics of ammo choices and gun fights for a moment. If I were to carry a 10MM pistol for social purposes, (killing humans) the round in my chamber and the first one or two up in my magazine would feature expanding bullets as when a confrontation normally starts, your targets will be in the open and generally frontally facing you and with these types of shots, expanding bullets are most lethal, when compared to non-expanding bullets. However, if the human threat is not quelled in the first couple of shots, you'll likely be shooting at a target that has taken some sort of cover, such as (simple examples) a car door, windshield, stick frame wall, sofa, etc.) If you have to shoot through such cover, you'll want a good non-expanding flat nosed bullet that will penetrate these items much more reliably than an expanding bullet. So, if the first two or three shots fired do not stop the threat, I prefer to have the remainder of my magazine/cylinder filled with non-expanding flat nosed bullets. This is a tactic that African hunters have been using on dangerous game for many decades……..the first round to be fired is a "soft" (expanding bullet) and all follow-up shots are "solids" (non-expanding bullets) for game that, if it still needs killing, now has to be shot at going away or other tough angles where very deep penetration is needed.

Our TACTICAL 10MM loads are still much more powerful than 40 S&W ammo, but are less powerful than our full power 10MM loads and hence are much better in dealing with human threats.

All of these loads utilize low-flash powders. This is an advantage should you be required to drop the hammer in low light, which is when most human predators are out and about.

As per below, you'll note the use of real world firearms in determining our advertised velocities. We believe the industry wide duplicitous practice of using long test barrels to determine velocities is misleading and non-useful to the shooting public.

Item 21D: (see below)

➤ 1381 fps -- Colt Delta Elite, circa 1986, 5-inch
➤ 1402 fps -- Custom 1911 w/Nowlin barrel, 5-inch
➤ 1355 fps -- Glock gen. 4, model 20, 4.6-inch
➤ 1270 fps -- Glock gen. 4, model 29, 3.8-inch
➤ 1419 fps -- Glock gen. 4, model 40, 6.0-inch

IMG_20180701_115157.jpg IMG_20180701_115355[1].jpg IMG_20180701_115247[1].jpg
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Would you take 10.00!and a box of 50 9mm blazer brass ammo

Hey Mlesure, thanks for checking out the ad. Your offer seems a little light. How about a box of 9mm Blazer Brass and $15?

Blazer Brass 9mm can be found for $8.99 regularly at Bimart. I suspect I hold the value a little lower than you do. Let me know what you think.
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