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Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by coosbaycreep, Nov 8, 2009.

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    made in 1942

    I got this and a jungle carbine from a super old dude not too long ago, and since .303 is expensive, and I really don't need two crusty old sporterized enfields, I figured I'd try and sell/trade this one and keep the other one, since this one is considerably more lame than the no.5 I have

    says U.S. property on the reciever, which from what I could find out, means that it was sent to britain under the Lend Lease program....that or someone stole it from Uncle Sam

    no recoil pad on the stock, so it's awkward to shoot because of the short LOP, but the recoil is negligible

    there's a lot of space around the barrel and the forend of the stock, probably because the guy who "sporterized" it wasn't real skilled, or just didn't give a crap

    I'm not sure if this model is suppose to have adjustable sights, but if so, the elevation thingie is missing

    there's a few other markings (numbers, ordinance bombs,etc) on the gun I can post if any of that info is wanted. I tried to get a pic of them, but the camera I was using is complete garbage

    I've only put 20 rounds through it at close range, but it functions like it should, and is accurate enough to shoot pop cans out of mud puddles, or whatever other exciting hillbilly targets you want to shoot at

    I'm not sure what bubba'd enfields go for, but it's worth $150 to me
    if it don't sell, I might eventually get a synthetic bubba stock, or keep looking for a cheap military stock, but I'd just assume put money into the no.5 instead

    the only thing of similar value I'm willing to trade for probably is a mauser, or mosin nagant. If I trade for a mosin though, I'd want some cash or ammo, because I can buy a 91/30 for $109 (with the background check) at Big 5 right now

    I'm near Roseburg, but will be in coos bay and brookings on the 11th/12th most likely. I have no plans of being up north till next month at the earliest, so you'd have to make it to roseburg otherwise
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