Browning Model 1955 .380 ACP Compact Handgun (Made in Belgium)e $450

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    This is a really thin and compact model 1955 handgun in .380 ACP (9mm Kurz or Browning short) that is in about as nice of condition as you're likely to find. It was made in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale. They marketed it in the US until 1969 and the serial number on this unit dates it to late 1966.

    The 1910 pistol of which this is a US marketed version was a designed directly by the esteemed John Moses Browning himself and some call it the baby 1911 since it shares a similar look. It's predecessor the 1910 in .32 ACP has the infamous reputation of being the gun used to kill Franz Ferdinand, precipitating tensions that lead to WWI. I could see how, since this gun would be super easy to conceal.

    This piece doesn't look to have ever been carried and shot very little and comes with the original Browning soft case.

    I've had it since it was given to me by my father close to 15 years ago and always found it's sleek lines and quality finish appealing. If you're into Browning designs you can understand.

    I'm primarily looking for cash, but will consider trades for the right handgun/s or possibly for high efficiency loudspeakers (92dbs or higher into 8 ohms).

    You can read more about the design on Wikipedia here: FN Model 1910 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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