Brownells Gunsmith Career Fair, (26) 27-28 March 2013

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    I am going to attend the Brownells Gunsmith Career Fair ( Brownells Gunsmith Career Fair: Home ) in Des Moines, Iowa at the above mentioned dates. I will be leaving on Sunday the 24th in the a.m. and my goal is to arrive in Des Moines Monday afternoon. From there I am attending the Brownells Headquarters tour on Tuesday the 26th and the conference the next two days.

    I want to check out on the 29th and get back to the PNW Saturday night on the 30th.

    I priced various flights and figured with all the taxes, fees and B.S. it would be almost the same to drive. Since I've decided to drive my Dodge mega cab diesel pick up I'd thought I would invite a NWFA member or two, pending they aren't DB or something.

    The conference is free, you are into the fuel, lodging, chow and your souvenirs.

    If you're interested please PM me to work a plan out together.


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