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Before we migrate to NWFA V4 next year we have a ton of 'housekeeping' to do. One of the things we need to do is eliminate as many broken links, photos, and videos as possible, and the site is simply too big for our staff to tackle this task alone!

Helping out couldn't be easier. If you see a broken link, photo, or video just click the report button under the post and we'll handle the rest.

We appreciate your help! :D
For reference, this includes anything that seems to be displaying improperly.

Here's an example of YouTube links that aren't embedded, which should be reported.


Here's another example of a YouTube link that isn't embedded (and isn't even a link), which should be reported.


Here's an example of images that are dead and/or not displaying correctly, which should be reported.


Here's an example of an embedded video which is no longer available, which should be reported.

Added an example for embedded videos which are no longer available.
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