British Camo DPM NBC suits [ALL SOLD]

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    These are late 1980s to early 1990s Nuclear biological Chem suits that the Brits surplussed out. They are charcoal inner lined (Trapped in between inner/outer fabrics) and they also make great hunting suits since the charcoal dampens your scent. They are also good general use lightly insulated camo suits for paintball, etc. Hooded smocks and the pants have built in suspenders. Will fit up to a 6 foot 4 man at 220+ lbs. I have a nice big box full of the trousers and smocks left over from my last business, sealed in the importers plastic bags. Does not include boots or gloves. These are going for $30 a set on Ebay and since they are no longer importable once they are gone that's it. I want $10 a set (smock = trousers) + USPS shipping if you are not local. PM me to buy. Will consider trades as listed below


    Trades/partial trades..

    unprocessed once fired 7.62 NATO military spec brass

    unprocessed once fired 5.56 military spec brass

    small rifle primers

    large rifle primers

    single point sling

    three point sling

    Green, camo or dark earth rail covers

    7.62 x 54R dies

    32 ACP dies

    45-70 dies

    Quality steel/iron US manufacture single stage press

    Micrometer, electronic or mechanical

    shell holders for the above dies, either single or Hornady Pro 7 disc plate types

    7.62 NATO, 5.56 military surplus ammo or bullets good for reloading

    HK 93 mags, any capacity

    98 Mauser large ring receiver in good condition.. old sewer pipe barrel still installed + without bolt = OK

    Tokarev pistol and Tokarev magazines

    Target or hunting arrows including fish type

    Once fired or new Remington 12 GA duck/pheasant black hulled shells.. they look like this:

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