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    Hi my name is Bret Durie and i am excited to join your group. I love to hunt and fish and as a new member want to learn more about guns and ammo. I was an avid bow hunter and now i am getting into duck hunting and skeet shooting. I have a black lab that i trained my self to duck hunt. I am a working man so i do not have busshels of money and i shoot a mossberg 835 pump shot gun. I am looking for a much better shotgun that would maybe do both hunting birds well and shooting skeet just as well. If any one there could lead me in the right direction i would appreciate it. like i mentioned above i do not have a lot of money so need to get the biggest bang for my buck. Thanks to you all and happy to join your group
    I also have a martin bow fully set up with sights, arrows and all you need to bow hunt if anyone is interested.
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    Welcome to the forum! :thumbup:
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    Welcome Bret :)

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