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Breaking in my new to me GSG5 with Video!

I picked up a GSG5 from a local guy here after I set up for our USPSA match on Saturday. After our match on Sunday we left some steel poppers up and had some fun breaking them in.

I brought a brand new bulk box of Remington 550 count, and I left with maybe 100 rounds left, so I'd guess somewhere around 450 rounds shot. I had a few light strikes, and 2-3 bonefied FTEs and FTFs. But I'm pretty happy with it. My buddies bought brought their 10/22's and we had some steel set up World Shoot style and had a mini competition using steel.

The gun was more than put through it's paces, I had 3 mags, and about half a dozen "testers". I was constantly filling magazines and passing them out to my shooting buddies to all get a chance to shoot it up, and they were going through the magazines back to back. As one person got done shooting, the next was behind them with a full magazine at hand.

Here's the vid...



Cerberus Training Group - Run the Gun - Pistol April 4th
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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder - April 25-26th
Cerberus Training Group
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