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break action shotgun

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by snowdriver, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. snowdriver

    snowdriver sandy,oregon Member

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    i would like to find a nice simple single shot 12 ga. something i can use for clay pigeons,and ocassional bird hunting,and i have always liked break action shotguns,,,so what would you recomend to look for??
  2. PhysicsGuy

    PhysicsGuy Corvallis, OR Resident Science Nut

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    Well if you want to buy new, bimart carries single shot NEFs for just over $100.

    Or there are plenty of very well built older 12 gauges, but they will usually cost you more for one in good shape, but the build quality is definitely better than most new shotguns on many of the older guns.
  3. dario541

    dario541 medford, or 97504 Member

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    Yes, the NEF (H&R) shotguns are low cost, crude, not pretty (I didn't want to say: "ugly!") but 100% reliable. I'm thinking of getting a couple "just in case!"
  4. magnum

    magnum Springfield American....'nuff said

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    The hr and nef guns are quality and affordable but are only single shots. Remington has some of their russian made over and unders selling for around 400.00. I also saw an ad in an NRA magazine advertising savage/stevens o/u for around 600.00. :cool:
  5. BillM

    BillM Amity OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    +2 on the H&R/NEF from Bi-Mart. $99+background fee the last
    time I looked.

    You can find a good used single shot cheaper---maybe---but you are
    going to be looking for a while.
  6. littlecars

    littlecars tacoma wa Member

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    +1 on the NEF. I will say the one I had was ugly. very light to carry, fun to shoot. but the recoil hurt!!! I would consider a 20 ga., unless you are dead set on a 12 ga. I prefer 20 ga.
  7. jrw

    jrw Beaverton Member

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    I did see you want a simple gun not necessarily a cheap one so depending on what you want to spend you have some options. One option would be to try and find a used Browning BT99. These are set up for trap shooting so I am not sure how well they will do for bird hunting, all depends on how the gun fits you.

    I agree that there are some good over/unders for a reasonable price available which is what I would recommend for bird hunting. Everyone has there preference but I personally believe the longer the barrel the better with trap which does not necessarily translate into a great field gun so try and find a balance there is possible. Field guns are usually 26 or 28 inches where sporting/trap over/unders are usually 30 or 32 inches where the BT99's can go up to 34 inches

    I have not shot one or know the price but another option for a single shot is a Thompson with interchangeable barrels. Basically you could go from a 12 gage to a 300 win mag to a 22lr.

    Take into consideration if you want to use the shot gun for other games such as skeet. I have not shot a lot of skeet but am planning on getting into it here soon. I believe that you have two shots possible on skeet where trap you are limited to one (I believe and know I will be corrected on this site if I am wrong). A lot to think about if you are trying to make the most of your money.
  8. bwells

    bwells Longview Member

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    If you like the break actions, you should definitely consider a double. The Spartans are OK guns I guess, but every time I see them I'm reminded of a review where the writer said that "they look like they were cobbled together by the village blacksmith and firewood guy". My only double is a CZ Redhead Deluxe 20ga. They show up on gunbroker quite often for 600-650. The wood to metal fit is good, and they're stocked in Turkish Walnut. Here's one with a single trigger and ejectors for 600. It's only got 26" barrels, but they also come in 28:

  9. sheepman

    sheepman Las Vegas NV Member

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    The other choice is a side by side double, there are a lot of older ones out there as well as new from Stoeger. They make good hunting guns and will work for trap and skeet (though an over and under is prefered). :D
  10. jack1122

    jack1122 Tillamook County Member

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