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I buy & sell a bunch of range brass, separating by hand is way too time consuming. Them trays are the only way to go. I also bought the aluminum 380 separator. For that I got a three gallon plastic bucket from Safeway. Cut most of the bottom out and bolted the flat aluminum separator plate in it.
They are well worth the money you pay for them.
I have bought & sold close to a ton of range brass over the past year.
Believe me when I say they are worth every penny you pay for them.
I do separate the rifle cases from the pistol cases by hand.
Do not put to much brass in at a time. I only put a couple of handful in and shake them. In the top pan (yellow) will hold all the bigger cases. I have smaller buckets and will separate the bigger cases
The next tray (yellow) will hold 40cal, 10mm, 38spl & 357mag. I put the 40cal & 10mm together and the 38spl & 357mag together I separate them after I tumble it.
The black tray will hold 380 and 9mm. They are a PITA to separate by hand. The aluminum 380 plate and the adapted three gallon bucket is the only way to go.
All the smaller brass goes thru the sifter pans. When I get a fair amount collected I will separate that by caliber.
I save all of the 22lr and 22 magnum brass and sell it to guys whose bullets out of them.
The guys who say to separate it by hand or say they are not worth the money do not do any volume of brass.
I generally buy from two to five - 5 gallon buckets of brass at a time and easy bucket will weigh from fifty to just over sixty pounds each. I'd like to see these guys separate all that brass by hand and get it separated correctly.
If you do buy them stack them up with the slots all facing the same way and do not over fill them. A couple handfuls at a time. It is loud so do it out in the garage or shed.
When you are down to the 380 & 9mm brass then use the 380 plate bolted in the bottom of the three gallon bucket.
I didn't see where you were from, I am in Arlington. You are welcome to come use my brass separator trays before you buy them.
From 1 to 10 I give them a 10.
I don't have the time to separate 100 pounds to 500 pounds of brass by hand when I buy it.
I just separated two hundred pounds of brass a couple of weeks ago.
The average guy who separates brass by hand doesn't do that much brass, believe me.
They might do ten maybe fifteen pounds. But when you do volume and want it right buy the separator trays with the 380 plate.

Plastic buckets are free at the bakery department in Safeway.
I getthe tops for the plastic buckets for storing the brass in. I stack them up to four high and use the blue painters tape to mark what caliber in in the buckets.
I ship brass all over the country including Alaska and Hawaii.
I use the USPS flat rate boxes.
I also trade brass for stuff I can use.
I have traded brass for eight pound containers of powder, a 223 AR15 UPPER, a complete AR15 lower kit, Hornady Lock n Load bushings,bullets, a bunch of stuff
I sell brass a bunch of brass to guys who shoot in matches that can not pick their brass up. They will buy 10,000 pieces at a time and split it up with other guys in the league.
I'd like to see these hand separators do that much brass by hand.


I will say the sorting trays are good for rough or classifying the brass, But I still have to final sort by hand. Culls, similar cases like 40/10mm, the 45's, the 44's, nested cases, ect all need to be sorted by hand.
Absolutely love the shaker plates as mentioned above. I sorted 10 5 gallon buckets over the last few weeks. Certainly would not have been a fun job without the sorting plates. They do require some degree of manual sorting, and all the advice about the 380 tray and making sure the slots are aligned are spot on.
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