brass prices: what's fair?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Mbeef61, Aug 31, 2014.

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    I usually take my brass to the scrap/metal recycling places. I was told I may be able to get more selling for reloading. I am wondering what a fair price is? I have searched some but don't know what the current going rate is, and most of it isn't deprimed or tumbled so I don't know how to value it. I would be happy to get more than from scrapping it, and want to price it competitively to make a quick sale.

    What I have:
    (everything listed below is not deprimed or tumbled, basically just shot and picked up, all factory loads, never reloaded, mixed head stamps unless written otherwise)

    30-30 - 16 pieces

    .38 special - 25 pieces

    9mm - 417 pieces

    .223/556 mix - 239 pieces (not sure on crimped primers or whatever if that matters)

    .40 cal - 157 pieces

    .40 cal - deprimed and tumbled - 1741 pieces.

    Anyone know a fair value before these go to scrap?
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    PM inbound
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    Weigh up the whole bunch, apply going rate for brass. Double the total $$ and offer up the whole bunch at that price. People here on the forum will inform you, most likely in a nice way, if you are out of line. People will most likely want you to separate the calibers. I can only speak for the handgun brass....

    9mm and .40 = $.03-$.04 each
    .38 = $.05-$.07

    Deprimed and tumbled doesn't mean anything to me as I tumble my own and feel I need to size it myself. Though most resold brass is usually tumbled.

    Good luck with the sale. Your doing a good thing keeping that brass from the scrapper

    Thank You!
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    Pretty much what mike said... I often buy bulk unsorted brass for about $.40/lb over scrap. Sorted it may be worth $1/lb over scrap.

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