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    EDITED : DEC. 13 , Monday 5:30 am, I have left for Portland with a few extra components, primarily primers. If your interested please call me at 253-222-2461.

    I am heading to Portland and Hillsboro tomorrow , monday the 12 of Dec.
    I would like to bring some WC-844 pullled military powder for the .223/5.56 (loads using H335 data). It comes in 8lb jugs for $120. Also have small rifle primers, Wolf 223 primers for $30/thousand and CCI #41's for $35 per thousand.

    I have a few small pistol primers left at $30/thousand and I also have some Wolf Large Pistol Primers for $30/thousand.

    My plan is to be at the Hillsboro Costco at noon. I will do my best to meet you along the way.

    Brass, powder and primers are listed in detail at

    Sorry for the short notice, hope someone can meet up with me to make an exchange. I'm leaving first thing in the morning so if you have needs please contact me tonight.

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