WTT OR Brass (.308, 7.62x51, more)

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    I got some random brass the other day and want to trade it for other reloading components I will actually use. Here's what I have:

    114 rounds .308 Win Commercial mixed headstamp, tumbled and decapped
    80 rounds .308 Win Commercial mixed headstamp, unprocessed
    14 rounds 8x57 (brass) R-P headstamp
    11 rounds 7.62x39 (brass) WIN headstamp
    12 rounds 300 Win Mag R-P brass
    20 rounds 7.62x51 US Brass, mixed US headstamps (WRA, WCC, LC mostly 60's), tumbled and decapped
    136 rounds 7.62x51 US Brass, Mixed US headstamps, untumbled, some decapped

    I am looking for any of the following in trade. .30-30 brass, .30-06 brass, .30 cal bullets (both spitzer and round nose .30-30 bullets). H4895 powder.

    I am located in Sweet Home. I don't get out of town too often, but I do go to Bend every few weeks. Would really prefer to swap ftf to avoid any issues on either end. I have no cash price, just want to swap what I don't need for somebody else's don't needs...


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