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    After perusing your forum for content and the general affability of your contributors I thought I might have something to contribute. So here I am at age 70 with over 50 years ofgun knowledge, ie collecting, Reloading, CCW holder, Benefactor member NRA, with a penchant for the technical side of shooting with just a pinch of humor to make it readable.

    I have over 250 pistols, revolvers, rifles, progressive and standard tools, To start things off I have to say that until yesterday I never owned a Glock. Cardinal rule number 1...NEVER BUY A PLASTIC CLUB when there are thousands of excellent steel revolvers and pistols that will do a better job and look pretty,too. But something strange happened yesterday. A friend invited me to shoot a Glock 36. It shot to point of aim at 15 yards, recoil in 45ACP was reasonable, and after 300 rounds, not a hiccup. I bought one that same afternoon. Must be senility or something. And <like my friend I will be ordering some Pearce grip extenders to wrap my pinky around. Well, thats a start. Hello to everybody.:):):s0155:
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    Welcome here from Oregon.

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