brand New Night sights for HK P30

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    I juste received (2 days ago) a set of Meprolight night sights for a HK 30 that I sold a couple of months ago (I ordered the sights when I had the HK, but they were on back order), so anyway I will like to sell them or trade them, the model number is ML-114545a d they are still in the seal package, sights are located in Gresham, will sell for $80 cash or trade for:
    -AR H2 buffer
    -30rd Aluminum mags for AR 15 (BCM, DSG arms, etc)
    -XDM 19rd mags
    -PX4 17rd mags
    -10-22 mags
    -quality folders (knives)
    -12 gauge defense ammo
    -backpacks in OD or coyote
    -Assault vest in coyote or OD
    -compass (military grade)
    -2 way radios (over 25 mile range)
    -.22 ammo
    -9mm ammo

    Please email me for questions at

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