Brand New Burris XTR Tactical rings and R700 bases

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    I have for sale the following I ordered these for a new build then finances scraped the project.

    I have Brand New Burris XTR Tactical rings-30mm xtra low bought new at SWFA-$25 (not in original package)

    EGW R700 Short Action 1 piece base 20MOA still in SWFA package. $25

    Millet R700 Short Action 1 piece base 0MOA-this unit was mounted on a product rifle I bought.....the rifle was an unfired display unit however it appears they did some very light bedding of this base to the weapon. So if you look very very close you can see a very tiny amount of bedding material around one screw hole....its pin head sized and honestly looks like super glue...very thin. I 'm sure it will come off will easily with the right solvent. This unit is not in original packaging they sell new around $45 and I need $20 for this unit. It was only finger tight on the scratches or ring marks.

    I will ship any item USPS Priority mail for $5 email for questions, pics or payment info.


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