BRAND NEW AR/M4/M16 Matech 600 meter backup rear sight

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    I just bought this from Botach a few weeks back and decided to go with some troy battle sights. This is for SALE or TRADE. Botach has them on sale for $69.99 (normally $90) plus shipping. So save on shipping and a few extra bucks if you want to come pick this up. Asking $60 picked up for it, brand new never sighted in or fired.

    Matech 600 Meter Backup Sights

    Rigorous testing at Fort Benning & Aberdeen grounds has led this sight to be adopted by the US Army. This tactical Backup Iron Sight is the standard issue iron sight for all new and fielded US Military M4 carbines & M16 flat-top rifles.
    Current US Military Issue

    Compatible with any Picatinny style rail system.
    Designed by Picatinny engineers.
    One-touch flip up aperture for instant utilization.
    Extremely low reflective signature.
    Precise range & windage adjustments up to 600 Meters.
    Tested to retain zero under extensive firing conditions.
    Can be used in conjunction with any standard optic


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