Brady Campaign announces new president

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by BSG 75, Feb 6, 2012.

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    The Brady Campaign announced they have a new president to replace retired Paul Helmke.

    They set up a page so you can give a "warm welcome" to Mr. Gross. This is a chance for you to tell the new Brady Campaign president what you think about the organization that he now heads. Be nice! :laugh:

    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: Survey - Welcome Dan Gross
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    FUNNY!! :laugh:
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    Be sure to register for the site as well. You want to make sure you get every single piece of mail they can send you. If you get a piece of mail besure to fill it out (just don't send any money) and return it to their processing dept.

    Cause the more then send to a dead end the less money they have to send to some idiot that might be interested. I have a buddy who has registered all 5 of his kids his mom and dad and I think a few Dead Chicago voters. He gets so much crap from PETA, The BRADY campain and various other anti gun groups that he rolls the stuff up tight as uses it in his wood stove. He said last year he was able to heat his house for 3 full winter days off the junk mail he received.

    Hit them where it counts in their bag of silver.

    If you have a Wood stove or backyard fire pit. Get a box to throw all the junk mail into and then use it as fire starter (waste nothing)

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