Boyds Custom options on their Stocks?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Mark W., Apr 19, 2014.

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    Has anyone here bought one of the various Boyds Stocks that can be ordered with Checkering or Stippling or the new Scale pattern? What do you think of what you got for the money

    Both my son and I will be building up a couple of Savage 111's this early fall and I am seriously thinking about spending some money and getting a real nice stock.

    He's going to put together a Left Hand 30-06 And I'm going to build a .35 Whelen

    Walnut base price $114.00
    CLARO X WALNUT RIFLE BLANK (25% FIGURE) +$101.00 (get something with some nice grain)
    Std. LOP + $0.00
    PACHMAYR® D752B BLACK 1" SMALL + $30.00
    Std. Satin finish +$0.00
    Fleur de'Lis Panel Texture: Checkering + $55.00

    The total for the stock I'm thinking about would then end up being $300.00 All I would have to do is fit the barrel channel (the .35 Whelen barrel is a heavy magnum profile) full length glass bed the action and barrel channel.

    I have the skills to do any work to the stock myself and typically have the whole winter off to work on projects.
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    I bought a stock recently for a Remington 700. I had the install a pad for $30 and had them stipple it. I was happy with the wood and the finish (laminate). I was very happy with the pad install. For the price of the pad and then labor to install it, its hard to go wrong for $30. The stippling was nice, well done. The fit was decent, probably not perfect, but good enough to hog it out a bit and skim bed it. I was a little disappointed in the stock shape. There are some screwy lines on the fore end. I was hoping for a classic oval or round profile, but its an odd shape. Doesn't feel bad in the hand, probably doesn't even look bad, but just wanted something a bit different. Oh well, still fairly impressed for the money.
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    I have 2 Boyd's from many years before options were available, unfinished and 95% inletted. I did the rest of the work myself (great fun), 1 is walnut for a Yugo 98 mauser, the other is a pepper laminate for a Spanish small ring mauser. I have 10 coats of Tru Oil on the walnut and 6 on the laminate, they have battled inclement weather without issue, and i am very happy with them. They handle well and are accurate.
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