Bowhunters join 2A battle?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, May 28, 2013.

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    Washington Secrets columnist Paul Bedard, writing for yesterday’s Washington Examiner, noted that bowhunters are getting into the Second Amendment fight, which does not appear to be much of a “secret” nor should it surprise members of two popular Northwest hunting forums: Hunting-Washington and HuntFishNW.

    Bowhunters joining Second Amendment battle - Seattle gun rights |
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    I often wonder why there is not more pushback against kife/sword regulations. I agree with what he was saying in the article, that the 2A is not just about guns, but all weapons. My thoughts are that the NRA is the big brother organization protecting the 2A, but I would support a movement to increase publicity for defense of all arms.

    State preemption for firearms is great, but it is really annoying that I can carry my pocket knife in most of the state, but when I walk/drive into Seattle, it is now illegal. Are there any laws out there govening carrying of archery equipment? Does a bow and arrow or crossbow fall under the state's dangerous weapons clauses?
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    First they came for the knives, but I wasn't a knife guy. Then they came for the guns, but I wasn't a gun guy. Then they came for the bows, and nobody was left to speak up for me...

    Sounds like at least SOME people have learned fom history. ;)
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    I'm no legal expert, but according to Google, you do need a special permit to hunt with a crossbow or use a scope on it...

    Special Use Permits - Accessibility | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
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    This is interesting to me. I have had two shoulder surgeries to each shoulder. Next would be joint replacement. Why is it illegal in Oregon to hunt ANYTHING with a crossbow? I can't shoot Stick or Compound bows anymore. A crossbow is my only non-firearm I could use.

    Funny how stick bow shooters claimed compound bows were not bows. Then the compound bow shooters gained legal status and now claim crossbows are not bows and should not be allowed.

    Now Stick/compound bow shooters want 2A legal rights but still won't include crossbows? They should not gain any rights they will not share with other weapon shooters.

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