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Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by longcolt, May 5, 2012.

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    I know you cannot rifle hunt or bow hunt from a county or state road. But.............can you bow hunt from the back of a truck on the logging roads of Eastern Oregon?

    I have seen many folks doing that. Driving up and down the gravel roads to spot deer or elk with bow and arrow at the ready. I just want to make sure I/we doin't get into a serious jam with the wildlife folks.

    Your thoughts please?
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    After I re-read your post, I see that you were specifically asking about logging roads. That is a good question.
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    from the regs No Person Shall:
    ■■Hunt any wildlife from a motor-propelled
    vehicle. Exceptions: 1) A qualified
    disabled hunter may obtain an “Oregon
    Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit”
    to hunt from a motor-propelled vehicle
    except while the vehicle is in motion
    or on any public Rd or hwy, or within
    Cooperative Travel Management Areas.

    Prohibited Methods
    No Person Shall:
    ■■Shoot from or across a public road
    right-of-way or railroad right-of-way,
    Pages 27-29
    28 Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
    except that persons legally hunting on
    closed rds within Cooperative Travel
    Management Areas are not violating
    current prohibitions on shooting from
    or across a public Rd. The same is true
    for other rds closed to use of motor
    vehicles by the public.

    This definition is used in the Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit regulations

    A Disabilities Permit holder may:
     Hunt from a parked motor-propelled vehicle except on any public road. A public
    road is defined as including the road, shoulders, and right of way of all public
    highways, county roads and city streets, and on all public roads thru private land.
    On public land where hunting is allowed (not including highways, county roads,
    and city streets) “road” is defined as the “roadway”, or traveled portion of the

    So I would bet that should you be caught traveling on ANY road open to the public including logging roads (many of which are actually forest service roads I know we build and maintain them) And hunting from a moving vehicle or from the actual roadway you will be in violation of the law.

    A quick call to ODFW during business hours or the Oregon State Police Game division should make absolutely sure.
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    Thanks for that information. I did read the regs this am and saw the same. Pretty clear, no hunting from vehicles. You also have to be 50 yards from the road if a county or state road, I believe.

    I have several hunting friends that put two guys in the back of the truck with bow and arrow, not rifle, and they travel the logging roads. If they spot a deer they will take the shot quickly from the back of the truck. Looks like they might be exposed to that class A mis, $6250 in fines, and one year in jail, if caught. Those are max fines, so the actual penalties would be subject to the court decisions.

    In unit 46 in eastern Oregon I was several trucks hunting this way. Amazing no one got warned.

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