Bought my first muzzleloader

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by cbzdel, Dec 3, 2015.

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    I picked up a CVA Optima in stainless steel. I bought the model that has open sights yet takes 209 primers. I also bought a northwest conversion kit which converts the muzzle loader to take musket caps and an exposed breech plug, I bought this just in case I ever wanted to try out a hunting season with it. I am also thinking about getting getting this sight for it, so I could have the peep sight for hunting season yet I could possibly scope it just for general target shooting at the range, any idea if that sight would be allowable with WA hunting laws?

    I dont know if I will ever take it hunting, I just wanted to have the components if that was ever to happen. That being said, would I be better off to leave the the muzzle loader with the 209 primers so use it that way until the time comes to ever take it hunting, which again my be never. Or should I just convert it to the musket caps and leave it that way for good?
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    The conversion takes about 10 seconds as the breech unscrews by hand.So it doesn't matter either way.
    I just got one of these and actually got to take a shot at an elk friday.
    They are accurate at 129 yards and put the bullet where you point it. In my case I miss judged the distance and it went over her back,lol
    I "believe" those sights are acceptable in WA from the last time I read the regs.Just no scopes or electronics.That looks interesting,I may try it out myself
    There are sabots you can buy and use cartridge type bullets in that gun for regular /short range hunts,the hunts you can use a pistol or shotgun? Some guys told me they get accuracy to 300 yards with them.Then you might want to put a scope on there
    And there are tablets that can be used on those hunts that replace poring powder down the barrel,making it easier to reload for plinking too

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