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So, I thought I would toss this out there for discussion. There are a lot of good books on preparing one's household, but the topic here is the actual, physical preparations of a family dwelling and related structures.

One such book I found interesting, and even encyclopedic in nature, is this one:

casa de supervivencia.jpg

However, being that it was published in March 1977, it is a more than a trifle dated. So, I ordered an updated text by the same author:


It should arrive shortly.

I seem to recall some other texts in our preparedness library that are on the topic, or at least touch upon it, but I would have to make a more careful review in order to flesh out a bibliography.

Any books, resources, et al., on the topic you recommend? Any you would recommend one avoid? Thanks for sharing!

(This isn't completely random or purely academic; we were gearing up for a move a couple years ago, then chaos reigned in 2020, followed by reorganizing in the present year. The woman still wants to go to the southwest, though I now have reservations, for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the destination, as it will be lining up what may be the last move/establishment of our lifetime, might as well get it right with preparations of the home.)
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The Indian Tipi , Its history , Construction and Use by Reginald and Gladys Laubin...Err..wait this may not be what you had in mind...still its a good read nevertheless....:D
Andy is at one of them events where they all compare who can erect the biggest teepee…..

Well, the new book came in this week. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, obviously, but have been thumbing through it today as I am home with family. It looks really interesting and appears to have exhaustive coverage of the topic.

Libro de la casa.jpg

Libro de la casa1.jpg

Anywho, when I have time I will read further. Naturally, any other book recommendations are most welcome. Happy Thanksgiving all. :)
Getting a new book is like finding a new friend....:D
Very true. I am reminded of a conversation with the wee ones at the dinner table a night or two ago. They little people refer to many things as "adventures". It is not the same way the expression is employed by adults, but it is childlike things of traipsing about the country side, going to cultural/scientific places (e.g., the aquarium), outdoor game played with other children, etc. The little girl was excitedly talking about going to the library and I asked her "Isn't every book a new 'adventure' you can go on?" It took a second for the gears to turn, then the eyes lit up on the little Cherub face and she loudly said "Yaaah!" I'm glad they like to read and be read to. But I've wandered off-topic quite enough. Well wishes, friend. :)
I became an avid reader at age 8. I discovered a county research library at age 13. Lots of out of print very cool books. Rocketry, engineering, medieval torture, spanish inquisition so much cool stuff. Over 50 years later I still read several books, at least, a month.
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