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Book reviews "Doc" and "Epitaph" Holliday and the Earps

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Pandaz3, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Pandaz3

    Pandaz3 Cornelius, Oregon NRA Lifetime Member Platinum Supporter Gold Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    The first book I ever read on my own was about Wyatt Earp. It was a fanciful account written for the adolescent crowd, I wasn't there yet but my dad had a bunch of "True West" and "Frontier Times" magazines. Even when we moved to town my Dad practiced rope tricks and lassoed us kids (we learned to bob and weave) till Mom stopped it. My dad had a big interest in the old West and its history and therefore so did I

    I have read novels and short stories galore about the West and Wyatt Earp in particular. Pros Cons Lies and sometime the truth. I think I have seen the vast majority of film and TV about the OK Corral. I can whistle the tune to "Tombstone Territory"

    I am just saying I already had a goodly bit of experience with the history and myth before I read these two books

    Mary Doria Russell is the author. they are fiction closely based on well researched historical facts. Forget about her gender, she tells the story as if she is the spirit of the participant, so gender falls away quickly. Some words and statements have been recorded even back then so those words might be considered factual as said other statements had to be "Made up", but in character for the person of the time. The Author tries as best possible to get what is the likely truth out.

    The first book "Doc" is primarily based in Kansas, but it encompasses Georgia and Texas a little. You do find out how 'Doc' came to be 'Doc' and in Kansas, you will know the good and the bad and if you are like me you will superimpose the image of Val Kilmer on the character "Doc'. I alternated between Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner for Wyatt, both were good in their portrayals of Wyatt. Kurt the way I wanted to remember Wyatt and Kevin a little closer to the truth. Much of this book was lightly covered in the past, but it all spills out in this book.

    Kansas had a lot going for it back then as part of the Frontier, it has a lot going for it now, thanks to those who came before.

    I read "Doc" on the recommendation out of "Guns" magazine. I searched for more afterward and found "Epitaph"

    Epitaph skips a little time and lands in Tombstone and here come more of the story we have all heard or read about ... Tombstone and the OK Corral. Much better detail, much better understanding. You will like it.

    I think that this demonstrates some of the Police brutality issues of today were around and acted upon back then.

    Wyatt Earp was investigated several times and even tried. Hey there were Gun Control issues then. Open carry forbidden

    I was impressed that Wyatt Earp, on hearing rumors of "Doc" being wanted for murder in Texas he actually wrote to the Texas authorities to confirm. No computers, but they still checked and acted on warrants from elsewhere.

    It became clear to me that "Doc' was not so much a friend of Wyatt's, but more a friend of the whole Earp family and really a good friend of Morgan's

    Anyway I think they were great books. I got mine thru Amazon on my Kindle. I know you can order them hardcover, not sure about paperback.
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  2. jbett98

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    I met a direct descendant of Doc Holliday and she happens to live in the Portland area.
    The first thing I asked her was about his guns and other belongings.
    Seems that they were passed down to only male heirs.
  3. Pandaz3

    Pandaz3 Cornelius, Oregon NRA Lifetime Member Platinum Supporter Gold Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    That seems in character