Bombs Away.. The New Wave of School Massacres In the Future

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    Teenage white supremacist planned to bomb his school | CW39 NewsFix

    It appears that a 17 year old Alabama boy who is a white supremacist was planning on planting a bomb in his school to create a massacre of large scale proportions. The police found home made grenades and other explosives in his house which he was able to build using household and other easily accessible goods. Also, the instructions to making the explosives were easily accessible to him on the internet.

    Considering, home made explosives have caused a much great scale of death and injuries around the world than firearms, it is any wonder that it hasn't caught on here in the USA, except for the high profile Oklahoma City bombing, which at appx 170 dead and 700 wounded, caused more deaths then all the school shootings in the last 10-20 years (or more) combined. Once they ban firearms to keep everyone safe, these bloodthirsty madmen will seek out much more deadlier alternatives to pursue their desires. Just look at Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ireland, England, and Israel where home-made explosive devices have caused bloodshed and carnage on a scale exponentially larger than the occasional shooting massacres that have happened in this country.

    With the easy access to dangerous items in hardware, nursery and grocery stores, as well as with the widely accessible information on the web about constructing explosives, it will only be a matter of time before the government regulates the internet and requires a database recording everything you bought to protect us from a much greater threat, which will be the wave of the future, home-made explosives.

    Why, have more home-made explosives not been implemented? Because, it hasn't become popular enough as of yet. However, a majority of these mass murderers have been people with high intelligence and have the knowledge and means to create such devices. If some punk 17 year old high schooler in Alabama can do it, a deranged medical student or autistic computer wizard could also do even worse.

    Not meaning to quote Wayne, but a bad guy with a gun can be stopped with a good guy with a gun. A good guy with a gun cannot easily stop a bad guy with a bomb. That is, if you can even find the bad guy or the bomb before it causes massive destruction.
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    That's what I've been saying all along, crazy people use guns because they are convenient, can cause damage and in no-time you're a villain on all mainstream media, you take away the guns, crazies will use whatever is the next most convenient, be it household materials, knives or whatever is handy.
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    4, you are too smart, go home and watch more tv and become dumb the way your Whitehouse wants you to be LOL
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    Its already proven that media reporting on suicides promotes more suicides. I'm not real sure why these people dont get a clue and see the parallel here. Oh, right, the media has no culpability. If it bleeds, it leads.
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    What would they need a bomb for? A milk pail full of 87 octane would work just as well.
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    So does a glass bottle full of Everclear and a flaming rag stuffed in the top. ;)

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