Bolt action scoped deer rifle. have cash

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by MissJ, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. MissJ

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    I am looking for an all around hunting/survival/put meat on the table deer rifle.

    Ideally this rifle would already be scoped and reasonably sighted in, so as to save my lazy butt some work:D

    I prefer quality/known brands and common cartridges such as .30-06 .30-30

    I've been told that bolt action is the most "reliable" for a long term survival SHTF situtaion....less parts to I think that is what I want.

    I've never even been deer hunting and don't really know what questions to ask or what to look for, but I am going in October and just want to get something that is affordable, but not necessarily CHEAP.

    I'm hoping to spend under $300 on the rifle; but that is not necessarily set in stone. Oregon Resident, prefer FTF sale. I'm legal to buy-no felonies.

    Have cash.

    Let me know if there is anything else I should be thinking about or looking for and I will happily accept any suggestions!
  2. lucky guy

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    It's gonna be hard to get much you can rely on for under 300. I'd spend the extra 50 or 75 and get an entry level new rifle. They really are pretty good these days.

    I'm a BIG fan of the Marlin XS7 in 308 or 7mm-08 (short action) or the XL7 in 270 (long action).

    They sell a package with a scope, won't come in under 300 but not much over for what you're getting. Really accurate, good trigger, light to carry, all three rounds will do anything you need for deer and there's plenty of factory ammo everywhere. Hard to find used but I think Gunbroker deals in them and had a pretty good price when I checked there. I have 2, one in 270 and one rebarreled to 250 ackley. Can't say enough good about em, american made too if that helps.

    Other than that I'd go to bimart and look at their weatherby vanguards in the same calibers. For what you want I'd stick with a 270 rather than 30-06 if you go long action, just buying more recoil with the 06 and no advantage for deer-size game.

    You'd be welcome to shoot mine if you get over this way anytime soon.

    Good luck with it!
  3. Gunner3456

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    +1 on the .270. Plenty for any game in the NW, flat and accurate shooters, less recoil than bigger calibers but maintains it's power at range due to initial speed and bullet shape. Typically very, very accurate.

    Not to say that if you find a great deal on a .308 or 30-06 you shouldn't buy it. They are great guns too. Nothing wrong with a lever 30-30, they just won't reach out as far. Been many a deer and elk killed with them. Some models of 30-30 are hard to put a scope on, so ask questions.
  4. nforest

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    +2 for the .270 I would also recommend that you get a NEW Redfield scope for it. ($149) if possible.
  5. Dyjital

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    I have a Savage .270, with scope, bipod, soft case, email me if you want more details

    Model 111
  6. whatzhizname

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    Bi-mart sometimes offers brand-new Savages with scopes right around the beginning of hunting season for a bit over $300 ($350 or so). They will also bore-sight it for you.
    For a firearms afficianado, Bi-mart is the place to go. :)
  7. Gun_Smithing

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    If still looking, I have a Sporterized Mauser 7x57 with a 4x32 scope and sling for $225



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