Body Armor Question

I'm looking at a set of Steel Armor Body Plates, listed as Level III protection...does anyone know if ALL steel body are Level III as a stand alone or are some only Level III with a supporting vest?

Seller doesn't know...just curious if universal rule applied here on steel ones.

This is info that I have gathered from my research on this area.

I have one of these - it is level IV it is a ceramic plate it was manufactured Feb of 2008. It was $149 shipped. It will handled most small arms threats ( Including .30-06 Armor Piercing rounds)

Some of the new flexible dyenam thin flexible body armor plates (Sp??)the .556 with SS penatrators (green tips) will not be stopped. They are also heat sensitive. ( You can't store them in a Car trunk)

With Steel plate you have to worry about bullet splatter and ricochet. It is more than just common 1/2" steel plate it has to be ballistic steel and it an alloy with Cr Ni and other metal and is T&Q & H (Tempered, quenched and Harden) Close to 4130 -4140 Steel.

But I can punch holes in 1/2" Mild steel plate with my Mosin Nagant.
1/2" plate is I think about 10-12# per Sq Ft'. Yet even with plate your limited to multiple hits as well - but it is not as sensitive to drops or moisture as much as ceramic ( Ceramic Aluminium Oxide - the same stuff on sand paper ( the AlumOxide ).

Yet most of the threats that you will ever face on the streets of America can be stopped with a IIa vest - It is lighter and more flexible and your more likely to wear it. While the rifle plate may save your life - You may break a few ribs if hit by a rifle round the Energy and Velocity it what will take you out of commission.

<broken link removed>

You can use it in an OTV / IBA carrier ( the interceptor system that the US Military uses or for $29 a stand alone low vis plate carrier Here:

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If your looking for Cheap fairly effective body armor - ( something that people are going to know that your wearing

See these interesting test of the US ARMY PASGT VEST and GERMAN Flectran vest - I picked a new one with the newer tighter weave Armid made in 1995 for $49 a month ago from centerfire systems <broken link removed>

TEST results
<broken link removed> PASGT VEST Pre-2000

<broken link removed> German Flak Vest - It is flak but it also handles a lot of handgun .45, 9mm etc.

Even the new ESAPI - the soft insert in the OTV IBA vest are not NIJ 2004 IIIa rated - but they will stop the 9mm SMG ( i.e Uzi and High Velocity 9mm rounds)

I also have one made in 1987 - I dyed the carrier with black dye from Walmart.

I find that the Germans offer the best coverage and fit better.

For $50 - it will handle the great majority of handgun threats.

I guess that it all depends on what you need it for. Even with a IIIa MICH/PASGAT Helmet - your dead with most rifle rounds.
These are my test of 1/4" plate steel.

I mic'd the holes .30 caliber left almost .5" or 1/2" holes.

I know that they are not clear - but the bottom hole is 7.62x39 FMJ ( Wolf I think) and the upper is 7.62x54R (FMJ) and the indents are M1 Carbine FMJ

I shot these about about 5-7 yards. The second photo the edge shot was M1 carbine ( where the Metal split apart) that gives you an Idea of the power behind a small rifle round. the M1 Carbine is only about 12.5 Gr of powder twice that of many pistol rounds but about 1/4th the charge of the .30-06 or the 7.62x54R both of those can run 42-55 Gr of powder.

Just my .02 and my personal experince. Phone books and water jugs are impressive but holes in steel impress me a little bit more that paper ( even if it is 3" of Yellow pages)

Clickables to enlarge

th_IMG_7711.jpg th_IMG_7705.jpg


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