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Boat Extension! A really cool video.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by fredball, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. fredball

    fredball Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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  2. mjbskwim

    mjbskwim Salmon,Idaho Well-Known Member

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    They make it look like just another day at the office. How much rod or rolls of wire you suppose it took to weld that up?
  3. albin25

    albin25 Lewiston Idaho Well-Known Member

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    "How much rod or rolls of wire you suppose it took to weld that up?"

    Great minds think alike.....(well almost).

    My first reaction was a bit more Redneckian..
    "I wonder how many rolls of Duck tape they used?"
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  4. IronMonster

    IronMonster Free Idaho! Opinionated Member Lifetime Supporter

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    I am doing a job right now welding up 56,000 lbs of material, I am half way done and used just over 300 lbs of 1/16 dual shield. ( it is 12 big machine risers for a 6 spindle CNC Gantry machining center, There only 11 parts for each one) I have no idea how the ship would compare as far as feet of weld but this deal worked out to about 100 lbs of wire for every 10,000 lbs of material. I would guess that boat weighs around a 100,000 tons. If you added 20% that would be 20,000 tons or 40 million pounds. If the same ratio held true for what I am doing it would be 40,000 lbs of wire

    Its probably more than that since there is probably far more surface area than what I am welding, but as far as an educated guess there is mine :)
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