BNIB Springfield Bi-Tone XDS.45 ACP

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    Well this just sucks. So I bought this CCW back when they first released outta impulse. I read about them, saw it, bought...sound familiar?:)? So now I've got 5 pistols, 2 of which I haven't even had the time to put a single round through. It's a little depressing. So anyways, money is a little tight right now and while I in no way NEED to get rid of this pistol, I think I should probably try.

    This XDS is BNIB, all paperwork, all accessories, hasn't had a single round through it. It comes with two 5-round flush fitting mags and one 7-round mag with the extension. I also purchased a Crimson Trace Red-Laser sight and mounted it on the front of the trigger guard. I don't usually like the "Lasers" but the way in which CT designed this one and the fact that I bought this as my daily carry piece, I decided to give it a try. It seems to be pretty damn sweet and definitely looks awesome. I also bought a Cross-Breed Super-tuck horsehide holster for it.

    All-in-All I've put a little more than a Grand into this gun and accessories. I am willing to lose a little, but not a lot. I am asking $950 for everything and I will throw in 40+ rounds of some high dollar Speer Gold Dot (short barrel) .45ACP HP's. These little killers are made specifically for this type of pistol.

    It's late right now and I am tired, I will post some pictures probably tomorrow. I will surely send some ASAP to anyone who is interested. You can reach me at (503)-310-6553 text or call. You can also PM, but I don't check it as often. Thanks for you time.


    I am really not looking to trade right now...but if you've just gotta throw out a proposition please be reasonable.

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