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It's ammo Inc, nuff said. Garbage ammo in my experience and I'm not surprised this happened
I got some 45acp ammo inc ammo at Bimart. I had more than a few rounds sound incredibly underpowered. Instead of a pop it sounded like a soda getting opened. Not to mention accuracy was garbage. They all fired, but having the diminished sound let me know some weren't loaded like the others. It was very noticeable.
Severe over pressure. The bolt was in battery when it happened, otherwise the primer would have been blown out if not the back half of the case separated.

Could have been the ammo. Could have been a barrel obstruction. Could have been both, partial squib followed by a good round.
I had an extra bullet get stuck in my 5.56 ar15 barrel from a dud round, I didn't realize what happened, just whacked the f/a couple times and pulled the trigger: Big K.B. ruined a perfect bcg, blew the guts of the mag on the ground, and a face full of hot gas, I survived, but results were failures just like the pictures.
Not proud of it, just wanted to share.

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