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    So I bought a Charter Arms .44 Bulldog from Blacksheep. Without getting into a discussion about the wisdom of that choice...I had a problem right out of the box....the cylinder release pin fell out before I had fired the revolver.

    Being a bit disappointed, I took it back, thinking maybe they would send it in for me....you know, a brand new revolver that I couldn't even shoot before it broke? Anyway, they said I would have to pay for the shipping...both ways.

    I didn't think that was close to being fair, so I told them I wanted to return it. I had it for two days. The salesman said sure, but there would be a 25% restocking fee. And so did his manager. And the owner.

    I told them what I thought of their customer service rather loudly, walked out, and have never been back. By the way, I called Charter Arms about the revolver, they said they couldn't understand why the dealer wouldn't ship it back, there was no cost involved, so they sent ME the pre-paid box....no cost....

    Blacksheep has some good prices on stuff, but beware if you ever need any sort of customer service from them.....

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