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I want to start a thread about Franken guns, homemade guns and Bizzare guns. Anything that is not commercially manufactured. There are some pretty ingenious builds out there and there are some I would never even test fire.

183098942_2758741514437952_3377040538565623528_n.jpg 179208039_4566631583353157_4909894199101194529_n.jpg 150258516_2699262920385812_4211641312460590745_n.jpg 159923855_2718043578507746_5960860278244544016_n.jpg 165776721_2729971250648312_1167580718214200030_n.jpg 166362064_2731566583822112_5965285543489131967_n.jpg 167042308_2732033383775432_8478141853535538723_n (1).png 182006469_2757049777940459_4600353833070670332_n.jpg 182371599_2757049747940462_7353167569278385594_n.jpg 182231353_2757049704607133_2540525122649611493_n.jpg 182234786_2757034487941988_1138420683672363803_n.jpg 177538217_2754372058208231_4602375359620355252_n.jpg 169061672_2735689086743195_6592264309974201440_n.jpg


A lot of "builders" need to stick to popsicle sticks and Elmer's glue. There's a reason their designs are one of a kind
View attachment 878360
The bottom pistol is one I made from spare parts I had around in the shop.
I converted the lock from flint to percussion...the barrel is part pf an old rifle barrel and the stock was hand carved from a chunk of local maple.
( If you click on the picture it will enlarge. )

Very neat-o.

(Still waiting for the time you make percussion single shot with a polymer stock, engraved/molded with the Glock logo. This will be outrageously funny. Well, at least to some of us anyway. :s0112: )
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