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Bit by dog

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by v0lcom13sn0w, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. v0lcom13sn0w

    v0lcom13sn0w Keizer, or Well-Known Member

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    Tonight while at my inlaws house their Dog bit me. on purpose.

    Let me tell you about this dog: Im not sure the breed but itsnot quite a kick around dog but not quite the size of an australian shepherd yet is all black and sort of looks like one. he is 5-6yrs old. he DOES NOT listen and his form of discipline is being put outside.He is fixed.This dog was adopted from someone who no longer wanted him(ya...i know). ive had bad feelings about this dog ever since i became a dad less than two years ago. ive sat down with my wife, explained to her how i feel, and asked her parents to keep the dog away from our son in fear of my son getting bit or even worse and that i felt that it was a matter of time before he started biting. My requests were ignored as "oh, he wouldnt ever hurt anyone"

    Heres the story:

    My wife, my 22 month old son and I go to visit Nana and Papa's every tuesday evening for dinner so they can get their grandson fix. well, tonight their dog bit me. broke the skin, made me curse, bleed, the whole nine yards. The reason he bit me was because he is not allowed to sit near the dinner table and beg while we are eating. routinely, i always call him over, pet him, then take him to the other room. no problem. I KNEW this day would come as he is becoming more and more agressive with time. I seriously wanted to throw this dog over the fence or maybe even worse but, its not my dog. Well, on the way home i was still upset, my hand is swollen and sore and basically (which here is where i may have gone wrong) was an I TOLD YOU SO!

    Well, needless to say wifes mad at me for 'using a tone' and i just dont know what to do. HELP!
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  2. Stomper

    Stomper Oceania Rising White Is The New Brown Silver Supporter

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    If a dog bites a family member or another human "pack member" that dog gets put down.... period.

    I once had a chow-lab mix named Lucy that I got from the humane society. She would walk right up to a little kid in our house and bite them (hard) on the lip.

    The first time I chalked it up to the kid pulling the dog's hair around her ears. The second time I saw her walk right up (unprovoked) and snip another kid's lip.

    Grabbed her by the neck-scruff and a$$, strait to the car and off we went to euthanasia land. o_O
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2016
  3. Bigbaddude

    Bigbaddude West linn Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Forget about it.
    It will all be forgoting by tomorrow afternoon.
    At lest that's what works for me.
    I would let the dog have one free chomp but the next time it would get a stomp.;)
    Good luck
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2016
  4. forefathersrback

    forefathersrback Central Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Snow, you asked for help, soo, I am here to help!! Next Tuesday when you go visit Nana & Papa, when your sitting down at the dinner table. Jump up and bite them both! Only hard enough to draw blood, I would not recommend removing of any flesh at this point. You want them to get the idea as to how you felt. You probably will get thrown out into the backyard with the dog. However, this is where my plan comes together. You can settle the score with the dog in the yard, hopefully no witnesses. Keep in mind God did not make man and dog as equals. That's why man invented glocks. After that ,your tone will be mellow. Your welcome!
  5. transittech

    transittech PDX Well-Known Member

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    "Your dog bit me, I'm afraid my son is next, we will not be back to your house until the dog is in the yard for the whole visit."

    Of course, if your wife is like mine, she will go anyway and take your son too just to piss you off if for no other reason...

    Yah, on second thought... Good luck.
  6. albin25

    albin25 Lewiston Idaho Well-Known Member

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    A dog that bites will always be a biter, there's no way to reliably "train" it not to.
    It bit you, it will bite your child.

    -Ask the in-laws and your wife what they think will happen if their dog decides to bite a neighbor, friend, cable guy, anyone that will certainly call animal control and/or threaten to sue them
    -Then ask them why they think so little of their grandchild, that they're willing to wait for their dog to bite someone they apparently consider to be more important than her before they'll act.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2016
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  7. v0lcom13sn0w

    v0lcom13sn0w Keizer, or Well-Known Member

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    thanks guys. my main concern is my boy. trust me, if this was my dog it would have been a goner already on a one way ticket to glock 23 land.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2016
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  8. AndyinEverson

    AndyinEverson Everson, Wa. Well-Known Member

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    I like dogs .
    That being said , I have had two put down for being biters.
    One for biting my wife hard enough to break skin . This was after taking classes and asking the Vet and other dog owners for help. (he had a history of growling and nipping)
    The other because he killed my cat.
    I tend to think like albin25 once a biter always a biter.
    As stated before a dog that bites someone in its "pack" can not be trusted.
    Trying to reason with folks about their pets , can be difficult.
    You may just have to wait until the dog bites them.
  9. 2A2Dend

    2A2Dend .. Well-Known Member

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    This might come over as a bit odd to some, and in the case of this particular dog, too late for him to adjust. I've had a few dogs that nipped me, that I summed up came from being over excited. From our position on two legs, compared to animals on four, we are out of reach for them to gain attention. Animals (most) like to sniff. When comfortable, they relax, wag tail, and eventually (most breeds) lick to share scent. Dogs can not do this unless we get down in their space. I know, my logic may sound crazy. And, depending on the age of the dog, along with the lack of having the ability to bond, the dogs ability to relax or change may not happen. Pets are as gentle as we make them to us. From a puppy sense, they learn from us and our needs and adapt ours to theirs. Pets like to socialize at their level. If you have a puppy, get on your hands and knees. Play puppy. Ruff and Grr with them. They nip you, nip them back. They lick you (where you go from here is on you) follow their need. Interact with them at their level. Animals=kids/kids=Animals.

    In the case of the dog nipping or biting the lip, it may not be intentional. But, it's not your dog to have the ability to work with as needed. It sounds like nana and papa (and wife) are naive of where the situation could potentially go. I've been in this situation myself.

    As mentioned, for the sake of the child, probably best to put the foot down. Nana and Papa, the dog stays outside or we don't visit. Who knows, odds are they won't comply, you'll save gas and Nana and Papa will come to your place to visit. Win/Win...or is it? Good luck.
  10. filsonhand

    filsonhand In the Silicon Forest Smooth as a Rhino 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    I would tell Nana and Papa that you and the family won't be stopping by, until the dog is locked up or gone..;)
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  11. slimer13

    slimer13 Deer Park Well-Known Member

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    Shoulda bit it back. Law of the jungle.
  12. fxdc

    fxdc Da Valley USPSA, SPEED STEEL, IDPA, 3 GUN

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    Ok 1st background... my Gal has been for local agencies a crulity investigator, animal cop, volunteer for local animal rescue's, and finally in the vet field.

    She has seen the results of this and we can say be thankful YOU were the victim and not the face of you son! She has even gone on radio and to schools to educate the public

    The dog NEEDS TO BE EVALUATED and from your story in our minds PUT DOWN if the E VAL concurs the dogs temperament .


    paper trail is key in court get one thru local PD, this will generate a CAD sheet also as part of the investigation.

    Document all times and conversations with ALL INVOLVED .

    Sorry to hear the issues
    Good Luck.
  13. Black Dog

    Black Dog Eagle Creek Or Active Member

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    For one thing if you did not grab the dog by the nap of it's neck and thump it on the noise hard it now thinks it's OK to bite. You and everybody else is now a target when it's not happy. DO NOT PUT YOUR SON ON THE FLOOR OR LOW ENOUGH FOR THE DOG TO REACH. Little people are at high risk for serous injury or death from a dog. It will happen so fast there will be nothing you can do! Your wife is not being to smart about this. P.S. I am a dog lover always have had them and always will. They just need TRAINING. But some just can't be trusted.
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  14. Swedish K

    Swedish K SW Washington Moderator Staff Member

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    Might mention that most insurance will not cover dog bites for animals with prior attacks.
    I'm not one to jump directly to put down a dog in every situation but it sounds like that one is a good candidate. I was once bit on the chin by one of the best dogs I ever had - the term let sleeping dogs lie exists for a reason. That one was completely my fault as she was laying in the way so I decided to slide her out of the way a bit instead of waking her up. She turned and nipped me pretty good but was moping around and visibly disturbed by what she had done for a few days after that. Had she done so intentionally without being startled from sleep it would have been a different story.
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  15. misterarman

    misterarman Vancouver,Wa. USA Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    Domestic abuse. You have assaulted and it sounds like no big deal.
  16. Joe13

    Joe13 NW of Vancouver Opinionated & Blunt Bronze Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    Kill or get rid of the dog - honestly I'd never go back to that house ever again.

    Wife has an issue? She can go alone Without your son! Or nana and papa can get used to getting out and going to your house once a week.

    I am not saying any of this lightly; I have not been to my in laws house, 2 miles from our house, in over 10 years and neither has my daughter (not going to share that story).

    My wife is always welcome to go see her family but they are never welcome at my home and I will not agree to my daughter accompanying her unless they are meeting at a Starbucks or somewhere outside of thier home.

    Yes, I have wrestled (and been called) with whether or not I'm a real A-hole for standing my ground about a "family" matter.

    However, I have never been happier with the situation - we are better off without them in our lives.

    I hope things work out for the best for you.
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  17. Joe13

    Joe13 NW of Vancouver Opinionated & Blunt Bronze Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    So true for dogs and kids.

    Don't give an inch on this - it may strain your marriage a bit but shouldn't break it as long as you stick to the facts and keep it about your sons safety.
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  18. DuneHopper

    DuneHopper Douglas County. Well-Known Member

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    Dods are pack animals , if the owner is not the alpha or allows challenges to that authorities he she is the problem. I have known people who my self included has 120lb dogs and they acted like kittens around us no aggression of any kind allowed unless we allowed it .
    To many people want to be the dogs friend and not the dogs leader there is a difference and the dog can love and respect you and you still will have fun, but if you are not the pack leader guess whos gunning for that job ?
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  19. Medic!

    Medic! What just happened? Has eagle eyes. But cant remember what he saw. Bronze Supporter

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    If I have welcomed your into my house. And my dog bites you?

    You can shoot him!

    Nobody need that in there house.

    Last edited: Feb 10, 2016
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  20. Joe13

    Joe13 NW of Vancouver Opinionated & Blunt Bronze Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    Wanna toss a like in for that post but just can't bring myself too.

    I can put my dog down but bit or not, a guest that shoots my dog would have to deal with me in a very bad mood.

    I agree with the sentiment though.

    Had a delivery man come to our house when I was 12 and my chow/Samoan mix walked out of the door when it was opened and went around and just sat in the walkway. Mom gets the box, guy turn around and takes a kick at my dog to move her.

    No contact was made but my mom had to literally sit on me while screaming at the delivery man to run if he knew what was good for him (I was almost too big for her at that point). I'm older and wiser now and aware of legal consequences so I'm more level headed most of the time, but back then I would have gone berserk on that stupid guy.

    Don't mess with my kid, wife or dogs:mad:
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