Biofuel/ diesel fuel blender/ transfer pump/trade

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    I have a nice working 12 volt fuel transfer pump with a fuel dispenser nozzle that I mounted on a 55 gallon barrel with a barrel dolly. I built a manifold on it so that I can use the pump to blend fuel in the drum ,then can be filtered before it goes into vehicle with a spin on filter I mounted to outside of can. I am asking 350.00 cash for the unit or equal trade in guns ,ammo or magazine.
    for magazine I am only interested in AK mags, 1911 mags ,Tommy gun mags, I like drum mags, PSL mags, types of ammo 308, 45 acp, 303brit, 8mm mouser, 7.62x39, 38spl, 357mag, 45/70gov, 7.62x54R verios hand guns and rifles tell me what you got, I do like the old CR surplus bolt action guns and surplus CR pistols , PM me tell me what you got to offer and if you want pics PM me your email. I have not done well with posting pics here.
    Thank you,Mark

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