Bill Specific letters to your Reps?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by OLDNEWBIE, Jan 17, 2015.


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    Anyone written any letters to your Reps yet specifically pertaining to the Bills on the table for 2015 in Oregon?
    HB2705 is the one worrying me but I'm drawing a blank formulating a letter of complaint against it.

    The PDF won't allow me, (or I don't know how) to paste it here, but here is the link:
    It changes the language of the deadly force law from (the person reasonably believes) to,
    "A reasonable person in the person's circumstances would believe" that the other person is......................
    then follows what I assume were the usual rules on the laws of deadly force allowable.

    Anyway no time to lose, any example letters on this Bill, other current Bills or Bills rumored to be upcoming?

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