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Bike riders / commuters, how do you EDC?

Okay... I get it.. 1000cc=litre.
Liter if your buying stuff in 'Murica.

Just unfamiliar w the term but old enough to remember when Jimmy Carter tried to get us to switch over to metric....
Does it make sense? Yeah.
Are we doing it?
FU peanut farmer.... GFY!

I mean all of that in the most respectful and dismissive way possible...


I also made one for free after our exchange. I cut a length of useless elastic cord out of the bottom liner of my jacket (it's always been a nuisance anyway, catching on my pocket knife, and I've been meaning to remove it). Looped it through one side of the recon kit, tied off the other end, and ran it thru one of the free provided D-ring snaps. Used it a few times in my workouts and it improves the whole kit dramatically. No more bouncing and it holds it really snug for running, bent over exercises, etc.

Great to hear. Super glad it worked out for you. It can also make a great impromptu chest rig with the addition of BFG mag pouches inside, and something with a cover on the outside.


I've carried while mashing around on a BMX bike hoppin off curbs and on rough terrain and a lot of standing cranking. All my EDC have held up well and haven't shook loose or dropped a mag or cooked a round off while chambered so its pretty safe so long as you have a good holster an a good gun which you've tested at the range.

Even took a few spills and it remained seated and nothing happened so if you are worried about the gun falling out or possibly firing then I would suggest looking into quality holsters. I use either a GALCO or a custom kydex for mine and have had 0 issues. All sorts of pistols ranging from sub com to full size no problems. All of mine have been on the hip and thru rain snow or shine its held up just fine. At first I was skeptical and kept checking to make sure I didn't drop a mag or worse lose the piece. Always on my side. I wouldn't recommend trying to AIWB while riding, try just sitting and pretending to peddle and you'll notice how awkward it is.


Haven't ridden a Bike in a while BUT when I did, I simply Carried the SAME way I would driving a Car/Truck/Boat or whatever. I don't know what the big fuss is all about.


When I used bike regularly I carried a XD40SC in this holster from Pistol Wear:

PT-ONE Concealment Holster

I believe I carried a FNX-9 as well but liked the smaller XD40SC better. I never carried a striker fired pistol in this holster. I wore this holster at 3 o’clock position when I rode and it matched my bike pants since they were all black as well.
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I just got a Hill People Gear recon chest carrier for $100 for any physical exercise (hiking, biking, running, etc.) and I wish I did it years ago. It's fantastic. I strongly recommend it. The only drawback I can see is that unlike a dedicated kydex type chest rig is that the HPG would likely require two hands to open and draw. It could be rigged to be open on one side if the gun were more secured therein.
Hill People Gear | Real use gear for backcountry travelers
I keep my gun in a thin holster inside so that it is protected from rubbing off the finish.

One real advantage is that you could easily change guns based on activities from an ultra light single stack if you're going on long run, to a full sized magnum caliber for a back woods hike.

Fits phone, wallet, small music player, keys, etc. and/or spare mag pretty well if you don't overload it.

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I have the same and purchased Kydex molded trigger guards for the two pistols I carry. The trigger guard is tied to the left side of the main pocket and I leave the corner unzipped a touch. The Kydex trigger guard securely protects the trigger and provides security to keep the pistol inside the pack if the zipper is opened. Mine trigger guard was the heaviest security but they make three levels of "tightness" so you can have it looser or tighter as you see fit. Great option.
For Moto I use my Ruger LCP, its small, flat and light as a potato chip as Hickok 45 would say, in a chest pocket on my Rev'IT riding jacket or in a tank bag. One in the pipe and extra cap mag close by.

On a bicycle I'm usually hours from home, so I carry either a SOG Aegis mini folder (super light and fast opening) or if I'm with the wife said Ruger in a pocket holster in my cycling jersey back pocket or Camelback if I'm mountain biking. We've encountered some interesting individuals in the middle of nowhere where you wouldn't expect to see another human let alone a meth zombie.



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