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    Made In America — 5 Stars ***** BigFoot Gun Belts come to us from the Inland Northwest of Hayden Idaho.

    Superior Support and Stiffness — 5 Stars *****: BigFoot Gun Belt offers two different lines and 3 different models of belts, one with the spring steel core of which this test is based upon and one with without. All models are double layered, 1.5in wide and provides just the right amount of thickness and support. In carrying my S&W model 60 with other gun belts my love handles (no laughing) would push the top half of the pistol away from my body and cause the belt to fold away. This I thought would be the toughest challenge. This proved to be no challenge at all, this is the most I have ever carried this setup, the belt held it nice and tight to my body.

    Price — 4 Stars **** – No Military or LEO Discount: The price absolutely blows me away, these belts range from $54 to $64 dollars. Others need to stand up and take notice, high quality can still be delivered for a cost effective price without having the made in China stamp. If BigFoot Gun Belts marketing department happens to see this review I hope they do not raise the prices, as I would pay a little more for this type of craftsmanship. But this is also where I would find opportunity with BigFoot gun belts as it seems they do not offer a military or LEO discount. One could argue the cost of this belt is priced just right without discount for anyone looking to add a quality belt to their CCW rig even those on a tight budget.

    Quality of Workmanship — 4 Stars ****: This is a high quality piece of American made craftsmanship. This belt is made of English Bridle Leather which is strong, durable, easy to maintain and ages well with time. This leather is held together with military grade Tex270 threading. The buckle is nickel plated making it very resistant to corrosion and is easy to swap at the snap of button. One may ask why 4 stars instead of 5, the belt loop is held on with thin metal hardware that will surely last for a long time but I believe a decorative stitching design using the Tex270 thread would add to durability and fashion.

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    I've been shopping for a new gun belt as my 20 year-old Filson belt is getting tired. I liked the review and the web site and just ordered a 18 oz. Thanks for the post Mr. Revolverguy.

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