Big thumbs up for MidwayUSA

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Mar 10, 2009.

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    I ordered a replacement trigger from MidwayUSA last week. As usual, they shipped it very quickly.

    I went to install it last night and when I reassembled the gun I noticed the grip safety was binding and allowing the gun to fire without it being depressed manually. I took it back apart and noticed that the bow on the trigger was a little too long on one side, causing the grip safety to bind.

    I had already put the box and paperwork from the order in the recycling by mistake so I had to call them this morning about returning the part. When I called them they said to not even worry about returning it. They said they will just send me a replacement and apologized for the issues the original was having.

    It was not a super expensive part, just $25, but that is what I call customer service. :)
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    1 from Midway.
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    Unless you like having your order pushed back multiple times. I ordered a bunch of stuff almost a month ago, half cam in within a few days, and the rest was supposed to be here over a week ago, it was then scheduled to be here yesterday, but now they say it wont be here for two more weeks. I guess in all fairness to midway, they say it is the manufacturers that are holding things up.

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