Big LAN Party this weekend, join us.

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    Hey everyone, just an FYI...

    If you like firing virtual firearms as much as you like firing real ones, then you might consider going to LANFest Northwest this weekend. :)

    Up to 120 people (currently over 40 tickets still available), BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer), tons of prizes (including two 480 GB SSD, 3 CPUs, etc... ~35% of attendees WILL win a prize), lots of games, contests, and fun.

    Hosted at the Aloha Intel Campus off TV Highway and 198th in Aloha (Beaverton).

    Doors open at 6PM Friday
    Event ends at Noon Sunday
    Yep, that's 42 straight hours of gaming fun!
    Free fountain drinks, coffee, and fruit throughout the event, courtesy of Intel's Cafe.
    100% of proceeds go to United Way

    Cost is $30 per seat for the event and you can come and go as you please.

    For more details, or to register, see: (Click: LANFest Northwest Fall 2013) (Direct Link) (Facebook Group)

    If you decide to attend, ask someone in a STAFF shirt where "Skier" is and stop by and say "Hi."

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