JJE Capital is more than just PSA. Is that number for just PSA alone or does that also total up the other 14 divisions of JJE?

S&W just wrapped up their fiscal year for 2022 at $864 million in sales. I don't yet know how many firearms they produced for 2022, but in 2020 S&W produced 2,324,717 total firearms for $1.08 billion in revenue while also in 2020, PSA produced 379,660 total firearms.

I'm not saying you are incorrect, but it takes a lot of sales to reach a billion dollars. When I look at what it took S&W to reach that billion-dollar mark.....6X the number of firearms sold as compared to PSA.....I have to wonder what is driving PSA's number, because it probably isn't just gun and ammo sales.

Another quote from the same source: "... we do $2-3 mill per day on the web site depending on time of year."
I don't want to thread drift this much further, but they do sell more than just AR-15s. JJE's portfolio and how it is interconnected would be by itself thread worthy. I also don't want to come off as a PSA shill, I consider myself more of a Aero shill.

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