Biden to Seattle; NW Firearms mentioned by Westneat...

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    ...and it ain't good.

    ‘Shotgun Joe’ Biden to visit Seattle as gun control debate sizzles

    Vice President Joe “buy-a-shotgun” Biden will be in Seattle today and Thursday to speak and help raise funds for Sen. Maria Cantwell, and he will be flying into a politically stormy environment where Seattle Times readers are currently engaged in a feisty debate about a gun control initiative ignited by a column first posted yesterday afternoon.
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    PPL Say Sleeping W/Your Rifle Is A bad Thing?

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    I hope there is plenty of Vid. I could use the laugh;)
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    Unfortunately the joke is on us. Biden can say anything - anything at all and the zombies open their wallets and vote as told. He was just in Oregon stumping for the gun grabbing lazy dullard Merkley where the cumulative on stage IQ barely got into the double digits. Didn't matter, the press gushed and fawned (one of the KATU reporters I saw got so excited she almost slid off her chair), pocket books opened, etc..

    Sometimes I feel like I came here from a different planet.
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