Bicyclist Protected by Citizens from Police

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    SF Mission Residents Angered By City College Student?s Videotaped Arrest « CBS San Francisco

    So, the usual caveats - this is the news, so some of the story is likely missing.

    "He said Williams was simply riding his bike on the sidewalk up to his residence in the complex when he was approached by undercover officers who said something about riding on the sidewalk, then grabbed him from behind and beat him for no apparent reason. "

    I am sure the cops story will have phrases like - he was known to us to be a [trouble maker | drug dealer] he failed to obey a lawful order. etc.

    What strikes me, is that the residents came to this guys side "When word spread in the neighboring apartment complex, residents rushed out to help Williams. " “People don’t get that upset for no reason. They were upset because they were seeing DJ getting beaten,” Jensen said.

    As this was in a Public housing complex, I wonder if there is surveillance video...

    (I did a search of all the forums for this story, but the search returned an error code. Sorry if it was already a thread)

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