Bexar County TX shooting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by boogerhook, Sep 1, 2015.

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    Yeah totally did, but being shirtless should have seen something. Looks like bad trigger control. The guy clearly was acting crazy and all over the place, combative, However, he had his hands straight up for a second or two before shot.
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    Itchy trigger finger.

    #handsupshoot appears to be their motto. Shoot first, ask questions later and hope nobody recorded that.
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    I want to see the other video cops say they have before I make a judgement on this one. The crappy cell camera on that one was either laggy - or homeboy reached for his waist a split second before the cop opened fire. Before you hear the gun shots - the guy's right hand shoots down toward his waist. Now - if the camera is laggy - this could mean that his arms are falling because he's just been shot and his body is shutting down. If the camera isn't laggy - dude made a move just like someone reaching for a weapon. The cops say the other camera is from a better angle, and closer up.

    If the cop shot this guy while his hands were in the air - cop should hang. If the guy was actually purposefully bringing his hands down - no sorrow for him and the cop's reflexes were right on.

    I will also say that if this guy had just done what he was accused of - I won't shed a tear for him even if the shooting was a mistake or cold blooded murder by the cop - allegedly this guy had just beat the crap out of his wife and young kid, and had been resisting the cops when they tried taking him into custody. One of the other reports (I actually had to youtube the vid, CNN's crap is broken and all I got was audio and a green screen) say that the cops had deployed less lethal force already and this guy had dashed out of the house to flee. Now - he wasn't moving real fast in the video I saw, and wasn't nursing a wound/bruise anywhere, so I doubt he'd just been bean bagged prior to being shot but who knows.

    I see this case being a turd sammich regardless of the outcome.

    And on a 99.9% unrelated note...why in the hell do Texan's spell "Bear" with an X in the middle? Guess if the X is silent then "Tex-as" should be "Tey-has" or "Tey-as"...
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